Tuesday, August 25, 2009

not a photoblog

Despite what it may look like, this is not a photo blog. Though I will concede it looks like one.

I take my iPhone everywhere with me. It's my phone, my email checker, my interweb accesser, my main Twitter and Facebook device and a pretty decent gaming machine.

It also has a (admittedly not brilliant) camera which I tend to use a lot. A double click of the home button on the phone launches the camera and shots can be taken fairly swiftly. There are loads of great photography applications for the phone too, many of which are free. Most of the time I carry my DSLR too, but for quick shots or, like now, when my real camera is unavailable, it does the job.

So as long as there are things to take pictures of, and I have a camera with me, I'll take picture - and probably post them too. I might even write up what the picture is of and why I took it. Just so you have something to read, you know?

Timmy "Happy Snappy" Magic

floppy what?

aw chucks!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

up the arsenal

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going somewhere I'd never been before and doing something I've not done in a while. I went to a football match.

 Actually I went to two.

 I made my first visit here

The Emirates stadium, home of the Arsenal
It's a nice ground with a great view if the games. Sadly 90 minutes of it was utter rubbish but a fun day out nonetheless!
Timmy 'Gooner for a day' Magic

Saturday, August 01, 2009

a perfect saturday morning

As I write I am sat on the sofa watching Saturday Kitchen and the build up to the Ashes cricket - does a Saturday get any better?
I hope so - I'm off to the Emirates Cup later
Timmy "Culinary Cricket" Magic

the good old days

This week I have been back in Chelmsford. Through the bizarre and oft unpredictable way of the Army, my parents have been appointed to the corps there 5 or so years after they left. (Mum and Dad are church leaders, who have been in Ireland for a while and lived in Chelmsford before, while I did my A-levels.)

In time away, heaps of stuff changes. The toddlers of my time now make up the kids choir, the kids choir of the time now make up the university students and those who studied then, work now.

I have been able to rekindle relationships that were put on hold (rather than ended) when we moved away.

What struck me most, though, is the welcome I received. My parents were still on their way to move in when I was first invited to be part of a church group and before they have started work, have been re-immersed in all the goings on of church.

I can't help but wonder if this is what church should be...

I love my church here in London and am in no way in a rush to leave it, but boy, am I excited to be involved in the happenings at Chelmsford (albeit at a distance!)

(As an aside, they have a new hall recently opened, and I will blog about it, with photos in the next 10 days or so)

Timmy "Essex emigrant" Magic

Sunday, July 12, 2009

the city i love

One of my online pals, Thomas Mathie (an online pal because I have never met him - I don't think) uses an excellent iPhone application that he recommended to me.

It is called ToyCamera costs £1.19 and allows the iPhone camera to take photos that are even awesomer than normal (in my opinion!).

Here is my Flickr set of photos taken on a long walk, a short walk, a bus ride and a train ride in London using the aforementioned app.

I love them and hope you do too...

Timmy "London Lover" Magic